1.   How do I register for the Merit Badge University?
You can register online through this website - just go to the class registration page.
2.   How do I register online for the Merit Badge University?
Follow these steps: 1. Go to the Class Registration page and follow the link to create a user account. 2. Create your account by filling your information. 3. You will receive an email shortly and you need to click on the email confirmation's link to activate the account. 4. Log in to your account and select the classes you want.
3.   What do I do if I didn't receive the email confirmation?
Please check your Spam folder first. If the email is not there, please send an email to webmaster@troop164.com and we can activate the account for you. This email address is used only to activate the account. Any other Merit Badge University questions should be sent to registration@troop164.com.
4.   How many classes can I register for?
You may sign up for two half-day classes OR one full-day class. A few classes are combined (as noted on the Class Registration page), such as Coin Collecting and Collections, and that counts as one half-day class even though you can earn two merit badges.
5.   How much is the registration fee?
The registration fee is $35.  Please make your check payable to "Boy Scout Troop 164" and mail it along with a copy of your registration confirmation to: Troop 164 Merit Badge University Registrar Thu Diem Le, 1678 Yosemite Drive Milpitas, CA  95035.  We need to receive your check within 7 days of your online registration in order to hold your place in class.
6.   What if I want to take just a morning or an afternoon class? Is the registration fee lower?
You do not have to stay the entire day, but the registration fee is the same whether you stay the whole day or not.
7.   I registered online but forgot to or couldn't print the confirmation. What do I do?
After you click the button to submit your class registration, you'll see two icons on-screen - a printer icon and a PDF icon. To print a copy of your registration confirmation, just click the printer icon. To save a copy of your registration confirmation, click the PDF icon and save it to your hard disk. In addition, you can always log in to your account at a later time to print or save your registration confirmation.
8.   After I register online, what do I have to do?
After you register online, you need to send a check for the $35 registration fee, made payable to "Boy Scout Troop 164" along with a copy of your registration confirmation to: Troop 164 Merit Badge University Registrar Thu Diem Le, 1678 Yosemite Drive Milpitas, CA 95035.  We need to receive your check within 7 days of your online registration in order to hold your place in class.
9.   How much time do I have to send in my check after I register online?
Your registration is NOT complete until your check is received. We must receive your check payment within 7 days of this email confirmation to guarantee that your classes are reserved.
10.   Do you take credit or debit cards?
No, we accept only checks in payment for registration fees.
11.   What happens if my check doesn't get sent or get to you within 7 days of when I registered online?
Your place will be reserved for only 7 days. After that, you need to contact us at registration@troop164.com to find out if you can still be accommodated in your preferred classes.
12.   What if I want to change my class(es) after I have already registered?
First, check the website's Class Registration page to see if the class you want is still available. Then contact the registrar at registration@troop164.com to make your request. Class changes will not be allowed after April 22.
13.   I sent in my registration through regular postal mail. How long does it take to get a confirmation back?
Please allow a week for the U.S. Postal Service to get your letter to us and for the registrar to process it and send you an email with your class confirmation. You may contact the registrar at registration@troop164.com if you have any questions about your registration.
14.   I haven't heard anything from my class counselor yet. What do I need to do?
Class counselors are encouraged, but not required, to email the Scouts registered for their classes. The prerequisites for each class are listed on the Class Registration page of the website, and your email confirmation gives the email address of the merit badge counselor. You may email the class counselor directly if you have questions about the class, or email the registrar at registration@troop164.com if you are unable to reach the counselor.
15.   When is the registration deadline?
The registration deadline is April 22. No walk-in registrations will be allowed.
16.   If I register online on April 22, can I just bring my check on the day of the event ?
We ask that you send the check ASAP, so we can make sure you're serious about attending. You may bring a check to the Merit Badge University if you need to, but please contact our registrar at registration@troop164.com to let us know you'll be doing so. If you don't bring your check to the event, you will not be able to attend.
17.   I have to cancel my registration. Can I get a refund?
Registration fees will be refunded for cancellation requests received on or before April 15, 2017. NO refunds will be given after April 15, 2017. To cancel, contact the registrar at registration@troop164.com.
18.   What if I don't get the prerequisites done before the class meets?
Don't worry. Some badges have extensive prerequisites that need to be completed over a period of weeks or months. If you haven't completed the prerequisites, you will not complete the badge on April 29 and your blue card will not be signed off on that date. You should make arrangements with your merit badge counselor for signing off the blue card as you complete the requirements after April 29.
19.   What time do I need to arrive or drop off my Scout on April 29?
The sign-in desk will open promptly at 8:00 A.M., but not before. You may come earlier, but if you do, please be patient and prepared to wait in the parking lot area until we are ready to open. The flag ceremony will begin at 8:30 A.M., and classes will begin at 8:45 A.M.
20.   What do I need to bring with me to the Merit Badge University?
Please come dressed in your Class A uniform and bring your blue cards (signed by your Scoutmaster), your merit badge booklets, any work you've done for prerequisites, and paper and pencils.
21.   Where do I go to sign in on April 29?
The sign-in desk will be located in the parking lot at the rear of Christ Community Church, 1000 S. Park Victoria Drive, Milpitas. Signs will also be posted on South Park Victoria Drive and at the church's driveways. Look for the crowd and you will find us.
22.   I have special dietary needs for lunch. Can you accommodate them?
We offer a vegetarian option for lunch -- just check the vegetarian meal option on the registration form or when you register online. You may also bring any special food you require, but we do not have refrigeration, cooking, or storage facilities for your food.
23.   Do I need to bring any money for lunch?
Lunch is included in your registration fee, so you don't need to bring any money for lunch. We will have snacks available for purchase during the morning and afternoon breaks, so bring money with you if you'd like to buy a snack. You may also bring your own snack, of course.
24.   When do I pick up my Scout at the end of the day?
Classes are scheduled to run until 3:45 P.M., although some might end earlier. Your Scout may phone you if he is ready to go home earlier. We ask that all Scouts sign out at the desk where they signed in, next to the parking lot at the rear of the church.